Flag Football (Boys & Girls Ages 6-12)

Tackle Football

  • Grasshoppers (Ages 6½-8)
  • PeeWees (Ages 8-10)
  • Midgets (Ages 10-12)



FLAG FOOTBALL (Boys & Girls Ages 6-12)

  • Games will be played on Sunday afternoons at the Everett Athletic Complex beginning September 13 and will continue for 8 weeks.
  • Children will begin practicing two weeks prior to the start of the season and will practice 2 times per week. Once the season begins, only 1 practice will be held per week on Sundays prior to games.
  • Participants age 6-8 are evaluated and placed on teams. Participants age 9-12 are drafted.


  • Ages 6-8 National Conference League
  • Ages 6-8 American Conference League
  • Ages 9-12 National Conference League
  • Ages 9-12 American Conference League


July 6 – July 31


$85.00 includes game jersey



Game Admission: $5.00 per person Ages 18 & up


  • Registration is taken in late January and mid-June depending upon availability (teams can take up to 35 players). Please watch for team advertisements in the Sports Section of The Daily Times.
  • Spring practice is held in February and March. Fall practice begins mid-July and will continue until the season begins.
  • Jamborees are normally scheduled in early August with the season beginning the following week. The Super Bowl, which concludes the season, is held in early October.  Dates to be announced.



Below is a list of area teams.  For more information, please contact coaches or the Parks & Rec Admin. Office at 865-983-9244.




Email Address

Alcoa Grasshoppers

Matt Cunningham

Alcoa PeeWees

Michael Love

Alcoa Midgets

Michael Love

Fairview Grasshoppers

Steve Kirst

Fairview PeeWees

Dalton Wheeler

Fairview Midgets

Jimmy Parsley

Greenback Grasshoppers

Ben Ward

Greenback PeeWees

Jason McCall


Greenback Midgets

Jason Garland

Heritage Grasshoppers

Randy Swafford

Heritage PeeWees

Ben Wheeler

Heritage Midgets

Royce Hollman

Maryville Bears (M)

Rick Maples

Maryville Cubs (PW)

Chris McCord

Maryville Lil' Rebs (GH)

Andrew Smiddy

Maryville Rebs (M)

Larry Hodge

Maryville Southerners (PW)

Joe Winders

Maryville Titans (GH)

Shawn Carter

Rockford Grasshoppers

Jeff Kitts

Codey Clabough

Rockford PeeWees

Rockford Midgets

Jeff Kitts


Grasshopper League

Congratulations to our 2019 Grasshopper Champs Maryville Lil' Rebs.


PeeWee/Midget League

Congratulations to our 2019  PeeWee Champs:

National League Champs: Maryville Southerners

American League Champs: Rockford PeeWees


Congratulations to our 2019 Midget Champs Maryville Rebs.


Rockford Tigers Wesley Deck (5) tries to gain some more yards Saturday during a game against the Fairview Raiders at the 2016 Pee wee-Midget Football Super Bowl at Maryville High School in Maryville. - The Daily Times

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