To nominate a person for the Blount County Sports Hall of Fame, a completed nomination form along with a resume of the candidate's accomplishments must be sent to the Maryville-Alcoa-Blount County Parks and Recreation Commission at 316 S. Everett High Road, Maryville, TN 37804.  The deadline to submit nominations for the Class of 2020 is Friday, March 6th.


Included in the resume should be all sports activities, honors, and any other accomplishments in which the nominee gained notoriety during his/her career whether it be as participant, coach, official, administrator, promoter, supporter, organizer, or a person otherwise involved. Examples of information needed include, but is not limited to, individual honors such as "All Region" or "All State", any records the individual set, names of any championships played for or won, records of teams individually coached, or number of years involved in his/her particular sport.

Lanai Ballard-Slater

Julie Barton

Steve Hodson

Rick Howard

Angela Puleo

Charlie Puleo

Jim Siler

Chad Smith

David Warwick

Danny Wilson

2019 Inductees


Blount Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet

Monday, October 28, 2019

Airport Hilton  6:30PM


Join us for the 2019 Blount County Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet scheduled for Monday, October 28th at the Airport Hilton. Cost is $35 per person which includes dinner.  Parks & Rec. is currently taking reservations for the event (which are required) with the last date being October 23rd.  Those being inducted include: Lanai Ballard-Slater, Julie Barton, Steve Hodson, Rick Howard, Angela Puleo, Charlie Puleo, Jim Siler, Chad Smith, David Warwick, and Danny Wilson.  Others being recognized include: the Special Olympics Athlete of the Joey Bowman, the 1953-54 Alcoa High School Football team, the 1977 Everett High School Girls' Basketball team, and the 1989 Alcoa High School Footall team.  For more information or to make reservations, contact Parks and Recreation at 865-983-9244.




William Bailey

Boydson Baird

Ann Baker-Furrow

Leon Berrong

Bob Boring

Charlie Burger

James Campbell

Kenneth Coulter

David Davis

Howard Davis

Albert Davis

John Farmer

Hugh Hamil

James Hill

Lombe Honaker

Wade Houston

Clifford Irwin

Galen Johnson, Jr.

Ollie Keller

Roy Kramer

Della Mae Nuchols

Vernon Osborne

Garrard "Buster" Ramsey

James Renfro

Spence Renfro

Doris Rogers

Marie Rogers-McMahan

Don Sentell

John Stone

Ida Studley

Clarence Teeter

Herman Thompson

Margaret Waters-Fisher

Dan Webb

A.J. Wilson

Ted Wilson



Clint Abbott

King Berrong

Walt Coker

John Cropp

John A. "J.D." Davis

Ray Lillard

Benny Monroe

Pete Stafford

Dean Stone

James "Red" Sturgeon

Darlene Talbott-Parton

James White

Harold "Tillie" Bird

Frank Boring, Jr.

Bob Gilbert

Paul Gilley

Bud McCall

Hershell Merriman

Marvin Mitchell

John P. "Jack" Murphy

Howard "Doby" Nelson

Joe Parks

Sue Thomas-Martin

Bob Thrower



Bob Berrong

Dave Clark

John Huffstetler

Bill Kleinsasser

Ken Kribbs

Andy Landers

Allen Law

Jack Renfro

Clarence Shepard

Stephanie Thompson

Bill Wallace

Tommy Woods

Bill Cochran

Bill Cross

Benny Dalton

Ray Franklin

John Henry

William "Booty" Miller

Charles Roberts

Paul Tilson

Tommy Yates



Frank Bogle

Caroline Haynes

C.A. Houston

Betty Lawson-Hayes

David Marsh

Charlotte McNeilly-Bowers

Luke Myers

Knox Ramsey

Jim Riddick

Art "Speedy" Ruble

Bob Sherlin

Don Story

Dick Abbott

James Blair

Alma Crye-Swaney

Bob Hutsell

Jack Lane

Glenn Morton

Elmer Myers

Mayme Rogers-West

John W. "Bill" Sennett

J. Fred Sentell

Lynn Sexton

Mike White



Ken Berry

Joe Black

Marvin Boring

Marc Burnett

Kenneth Byrd, Sr.

Joe Costner

Joe Dawson

Randy Lambert

Doug Lambert

Shannon Mitchell

Sandy Simerly-King

Thelma "Strut" Tipton

Lynn Brown

Henry "Tubby" Callaway

Kelli Casteel-Cook

Clifford "Bill" Evans

Pat Flynn

Dawn Marsh

Troy Gregg

Roy Gregg

Alvin Nance

Bob Proffitt

Danny Spradlin



Rick Anderson

Kenneth Byrd, Jr

Steve Dockery

Lee Hannah

Paul Harrison

Don Moore, Sr.

Cleve Nichols

Viola Powell-Kauthen

Faye Rogers-Stafford

Clifford Ross

Tom Beaver

Pete Burns

Mike Casteel

Steve Fugate

Carey Green

Warren Headrick

Jack "Rusty" Johnson

Carl McNeil

Lisa Myers

George Parker

George Quarles

George Rutherford



Kim Bledsoe

James Dalton

Tim George

Lon Herzburn

Larry Johnston

Mike Matzek

Gene Reynolds

Sandy Sherlin

Jerry Thompson

Todd Upton

Archie Anderson

Annie Baird-Frick

Ken Chambers

Dennis Godfrey

Jimmy Harris

Earl McMahan

Johnny Morgan


Larry Satterfield

Ron Waters



Adrian Coulter

Charlie Finley

Glenda McKenry-Carroll

Virgil Prater

Herman Ramsey

Kenneth Shepard

Charlie Thomas

Terry Whitted

Bob Dalton

Doug Dalton

Mike Dalton

Jim Dunn

Don Moore, Jr.

Leah Onks-England

Johnny Phipps

Vicki White-Hickman



Peggy Ballard

Steve Cobble

Wayne Dixon

Charles Headrick

Kenneth Hodson

Kelvin Richardson

Mike Stuart

Ron “Yogi” Wilson

Keith Bailey

Karen Cook-Gramann

Steve Dixon

Helen Graves-Bledsoe

Shug Hutson

Mark Humphrey

Ronnie Phelps

Gary Rankin

Bill Satterfield



Kandis Schram

Clayton Bledsoe

Terri Bradshaw

Gary Hart

James Allison

Sarah Fekete Bailey

Jack Orr

Stan Ballard

Rose Ballard Justice

Wayne Dunn

Ken Bell, M.D.

Linda French Ball

Tony Houston

Scott McCall

Ronnie McClurg

Barry “Skipper” Murrin

Lenville Powell

Kenne Teffeteller



Mimsy Nease Fleming

David Garner

Tyris Gilmore, Jr.

David Greer

Johnny “Cleon” Hearon

Lee Humphrey

Verlan “Sonny” Long

Chris Whitehead

Gary Burchfield

L.A. Campbell

Albert Davis III

Cait McMahan

Kathy Wilson Maples

Lewis Masingo Jr.

Billy Williams

Scott Williams



Paul Allison

Tommy Bowers

David Ellis

Don Heatherly

Cade Thompson

Micah Marsh

John Moscript

Rodney Nelson

Oliver Spears




Executive Director


Joe Huff

Chris Clark

Voting Board Members

Don Sentell

Pete Stafford

Don Story

Archie Anderson

Peggy Ballard, Chairman

Terri Bradshaw

Albert Davis

Sarah Fekete Bailey, Vice-Chair

Steve Fugate

Randy Lambert

Don Moore, Sr.

Glenn Morton

Bill Padgett

The Parks and Recreation Commission does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, genetic information or disabling condition in employment opportunities or in the provision of parks and recreation services.