What is geocaching? Geocaching is a real world “treasure” hunting game powered by GPS enabled devices (cell phones and other hand held GPS devices) to find caches hidden at specific coordinates. More background info on geocaching can be found here Geocaching Information.


In an effort to help our community familiarize themselves with all of the parks and facilities available through Parks & Rec we have started our own geocaching program.


Geocaching is an activity that is fun for all ages, and ours is designed to get all people out exploring the parks, but not so that you would have to traipse all through the woods to find them. (Don’t worry parents, your children *should* only get as dirty as the average visit to the playground, but we can’t make any promises)


Here you will find a printable passport that has the coordinates to all of the caches currently hidden with a spot to put the prize you’ll find in each cache. The passport also has spaces for our future locations so check back often to see when new caches have been added!


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